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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 21, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> what kind of knife? >> she drove me, she took the wrong way. in my way i was hallucinating. i thought she was going to do something. i can barely remember. that is when i, i did what adid. i was really sorry. >> where did you first stab her with the knife? where were you at? >> it was at the medical building. she stopped there she didn't know where it was, she, just i got the knife and did what i did. >> where did you stab her at? >> in the chest. >> how many times did you stab her? >> i don't remember. >> what was she doing when you stabbed her? >> she was crying.
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>> she was crying? did she tell you to stop? >> she didn't say anything. >> didn't say anything? >> how about the car, did she try to pull out of there? >> reporter: julio blanco garcia says he was high on pcp that day. he had his baby daughter with him. he was freaking out and when vanessa pham took a wrong turn he pulled out the knife. the defense is trying to win basically win over the jury and convince this jury it was a freak moment he pulled the knife and did what he did. it wasn't premeditated deliberate. prosecution rested. defense will take up their case tomorrow. >> paul you would agree, you don't see video like this often. he did it, he was high and sorry. >> yeah, he admitted the whole
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thing. initially the police took him through a lot of basics. he confirmed the things he had been doing up to the time period of the crime and started to back off. he didn't want to talk about it. detectives very gently got him to tack about it and told they had evidence he had been inside the car. that is when he broke down and admitted everything. >> paul wagner outside fairfax county courthouse, thank you. another big story at 6:00, 35 years that is the prison sentence for army private bradley manning for leek -- leaking hundreds of thousands of documents to wikileaks. he could have gotten 90 years behind bars. prosecutors asked for 60 years as a warning to other soldiers. judge didn't offer explanation for the sentence. in the military there are series
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of military options including a pardon. delegate don dwyer pulled over for allegedly operating his car under influence. he was already charged with operating a boat under influence where a child was injured. >> you don't have to look hard in annapolis, there hasn't been a ton of bipartisanship under the divisive legislation, when it comes to delegate don dwyer, they seem to be a merging area of agreement. for the delegate it has not been good. more calls today for him to resign his office. even the members of the legislature are saying he needs to seriously start reconsidering his future inside this maryland
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state house. earlier today the bipartisan legislative committee met for several hours. while we were allowed inside the time to discuss thehat meeting exact dealings of these delegate members, committee's chairman told us they would have to proceed in a closed door session. we were asked to leave. dwyer arrested tuesday morning by anarondo county. he was swerving and going 70. dwyer claimed he only had two beers. officer reported smelling alcohol and indication he was under the influence of alcohol. he refused breathalyzer case that would determine the exact level. dwyer pleaded guilty to operating a boat after an
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accident that injured several people. he appealed 30 day jail sentence and today the chairman and members of the ethics committee told us they are going to wait for dwyer's legal process to play out. but clearly said he needs to seriously reconsider his future here as a maryland lawmakers. >> all of it is very credible. i think delegate dwyer has to make very important personal decisions in the very near future. >> he needs to present himself for what is best for his district and look at himself in terms of what is in the best interest. >> meanwhile today in annapolis, republican delicate wade catch added his name to the list. republicans calling for dwyer to resign. it is unclear if the ethics
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committee would be able to move with expulsion. this is a misdemeanor and under their rules a felony is what can force them out of the legislature. >> tom fitzgerald, live in annapolis, thank you. new edge on virginia, at least right now, survey shows 48% of likely voters support democrat terry mccalla. and 47% support ken cuccinelli. turning to the crisis in egypt jipt -- country order release of hosni mubarak. he was held on corruption case and still faces charges for his role in the deaths of protesters
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under his regime. meanwhile the u.s. is temporarily suspending military aid to egypt. white house is concerned about chemical weapons used against civilians in syrian and plaming assad. the syrian government denied the involvement. this calms at the same time a chemicals team arrived. new detailed emerging the man suspected of firing shots inside a georgia elementary school on tuesday. 20-year-old michael brandon hill brought nearly 500 rounds of ammunition along with ak-47 rifle. cops say hill has a criminal history that included violence and threats. he was currently on probation.
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cops haven't said what the motive is here. edge on d.c. as mayor vincent gray is yet to receive the new living wage bill. it would see current minimum wage increase to $12.50 an hour and wal-mart who has a billion dollars or more. more than 40 days the bill remains in the hands of the council. >> i can tell you this, i haven't received it despite my best efforts, look why don't you send us the bill. it will come back in one of two conditions, signed or vetoed. if you tell me what day you want it back, i promise i will send it back that day. this is day 42. >> officials with wal-mart threatened to stop plans for expansion in d.c. if the mayor signs the bill. straight ahead, a mysterious
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illness sends vice president joe biden's son to the hospital. someone owes obama several hundred bucks over the past few years. when it is the president, you might need to pay him. >> off to our west and down to south there are storms, lightning, heavy rain and wind gusts. i'll let you know if we need to keep an eye on the forecast. scott, what are you working on in sports? >> who practiced and who didn't and latest on kirk cousins. robert griffin iii and mike shanahan says who gets the final say. 
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>> son of vice president joe biden's son was hospitalized. state of massachusetts owes president obama a little bit of money. president will receive more than $300 for two cable tv refund checks. checks cut back in may 2009 from maryland cable account. state treasure's office and guesses it goes back to when president obama was a senator. rare honor for d.c.'s police chief, coming up, chief cathy lanier lays a wreath at the tomb
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of the unknown.
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>> a rare honor for d.c.'s police chief cathy lanier took part in a rare ceremony at tomb of the unknown. >> reporter: on this day at the tomb of the unknown's something new is taking place. for the first time ever, a d.c. police chief honored with the duty of laying a wreath in the full honor ceremony. >> it is honored to be included in something so sacred. >> reporter: commander of the district of washington and joint force headquarters invited chief
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cathy lanier. >> we have a tremendous partnership with all the law enforcement partners throughout the nation's capitol. metropolitan police department is essential to all that we do in the capitol. >> we have an ongoing working relationship that i don't think most police stations have a chance to experience. a lot of good comes from it. >> reporter: d.c. watched as four platoons marched in unison and played star spangled banner. then chief cathy lanier presented the wreath. >> i was taken back about how emotional a ceremony it is. >> reporter: it is a partnership grown over inaugurations and official washington events solidified through shared experience and deep respect for
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duties honor and country. arlington national seminary will host these full army honors ceremonies honoring other partners in the region every month throughout this year. they are open to the public and trust me, they are impressive to witness. in arlington national cemetery, i am melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> i try to get the inside information and sue said typical summer storms and end of the summer. >> we are getting reports of hail, augusta and rockingham, warnings until 7:00. >> are they coming our way? >> they are moving east. we need to keep the storm in the forecast. i think some of you may. watch the sky, little bit of overcast obviously capped our heating. it looks like it wants to do something. no doubt about it. we'll watch radar closely.
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when our news is over, check us out on twitter, all through the night i'll be watching. there is the twitter account. i could use more followers. don't make me beg, people. thank you, will, you'll follow me. let me show you radar. this is the batch of storms we just got the warning on, these are moving to the east. a lot of lightning. very heavy rain. reports of gusts approaching 60 miles an hour. harrisonburg coming across interstate 81, this is the warning area until 7:00. i suspect there will be others. all of this is coming from a disturbance that will happen in the overnight hours. down to our south, we have a few more storms. they have lightning, not severe, i think charles county, this is coming across potomac into your
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area, spots sylvania, you'll see showers and storms. a little more to come. we'll watch this closely as the sun goes down later, a lot of the intensity will be going down. plenty of fuel around with the heat we had 89° at all three airports and certainly a lot of humidity which means they can produce heavy rain. temperatures dropped to 85°, annapolis, 81° cumberland 87. winchester 81°. we are going to keep an eye on all of this. when you combine the temperature, it feels closer to 90. culpeper 98° feeling like. tomorrow, thursday, another warm day, showers and storms again. friday, first half might feature a shower or storm. nice changes, frontal boundary
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moving in. tomorrow, approaching the area, out ahead of it showers and storms. front is trying to come through friday. showers earlier in the day, they are going to try to move out. look at the weekend, it is a lot less humid and sunday in particular, looking nice. wrap it up with fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast, 87° saturday. 85 saturday and sunday, keep the nice weather rolling, tuesday 88°. wednesday showers and storms at 87. definitely feels warmer. >> that will be nice, thank you, sue. i am following you. >> i appreciate you and i am foll following. >> robert griffin iii was not the only redskins quarterback to face the media today. we are going to hear the latest from kirk cousins next with your sports edge.
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>> time for sports, i am scott smith. redskins returned to redskins park. a handful of players nicked up in monday night's game are back. robert griffin iii running with the first teamers. griffin practiced full speed against the starting defense. mike shanahan remains steadfast, robert griffin iii will not play in the pre-season. santana moss says as a receiver it will be a tough transition. >> as a receiver, you can't possibly g out there and not have a couple of games, pre-season games up under your wing. as a quarterback. not sure. never played a position. hopefully he doesn't need much and we can do everything we can
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do to get him ready. >> playing quarterback is a real cerebral game, different than receiver. they have to make sure they are in timing, i can understand what he is saying. for me as a quarterback. i don't have to run. i have to make sure i have my x's and o's and go out and perform. for me i can lean on last year's game experience to prepare me for this season. >> during monday night's 90-minute pre-game work south, dr. andrews got a chance to watch him. doc told him to stay the course. also on monday, report surface, dr. andrews would be if one to decide if he is good to go. mike shanahan reacted today. >> i would never go against the doctor anyhow. doctor felt like he wasn't ready to play, i sure wouldn't play
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him. if he said it or not. if dr. andrews said he is not ready, e surely wouldn't put him out there. dr. andrews could tell me he is ready. if i thought something was wrong with robert through our practice, i wouldn't put him out there. >> two days after suffering a mild right foot sprain, kirk cousins's return to the game saturday is a long shot. cousins asked if he'll be back this pre-season. >> um, hard to say. it is a day-to-day thing. every morning just see how it feels and go from there. at this time, in the pre-season, um, the experience is valuable to go out there and play also not worth risking being ready and available when the games really do matter.
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>> in baseball, orioles host the rays, that is sports. >> let's go to sue for one look at the forecast. sue? >> we may see a thunderstorm later tonight. there are storms building along interstate 80 corridor and down to south. tomorrow chance of shower and storm. nice cool front friday. it might produce a shower or storm in the morning. it is going to bring us a less humid weekend with lots of sunshine. >> i am back tonight at 10:00 with shawn, here comes tmz. [captioning provided by u.s. captioning company] 
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> this is big news, everybody. fred doesn't want to bang judy anymore because -- >> i'm gay. >> fred from nickelodeon, real name is lucas, people on twitter asked him straight up if he's gay. >> how did you know he's not gay? >> exactly. >> he's like, everyone is asking if i'm gay. >> so d.m.x. got arrested. he was passenger in a vehicle that made an illegal u-turn. >> argued that he recognized d.m.x. >> if you had a warrant, if he's d.m.x. he has to be drugged. >> that should be enough.


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